Daniela Fehring

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Sensing the Chinese and Unleashing their Full Potential – A Coaching for Top Leaders

Together, we deeply dive into the Chinese soul to empower you to intuitively lead the Chinese. Discover the real and diverse China which many foreigners overlook. In special walks through your city, we share our perspectives with young and old Chinese. Encouraged by surprising impulses, you will be able to directly touch the heart of your direct reports and earn their trust. On this base, your cooperation leads to amazingly creative breakthroughs.

This offer is only for leaders who want to lead in extraordinary ways, and who see the development of China as an inner mission. Here you get to a first free call

Purpose & Transformation – Organisational Development in China

The Chinese market has become tough. National competitors get stronger day by day, also thanks to a massive support from government agencies. Foreigners have to rely on themselves.

If you are looking for a new approach to re-position yourself to stay attractive for talents, customers and institutions in China, contact me.

Together we analyse the purpose of your company in China to design an impressive market communication. The Roadmap for Change serves as the base for transformation, which will be moderated by us so that your crew can focus on daily business.

Challenge Innovation Culture – A Unique Learning Journey!

Together with colleagues I develop a three months learning journey for Chinese-German enterprises, in which creativity and innovation will be tackled in extraordinary and diverse ways. The concrete results will receive an award by the top management to deeply anchor the innovation culture in your enterprise in China.

If you are interested in becoming our sparring partner for the development phase in the 2nd half of 2017, kindly contact us here

Merger Excellence – A Great Way to Fuse Two Companies

You aim to ensure the success of your Post Merger Integration, but you don’t know exactly how? Just get in touch with me! Together, we analyze the corporate and leadership cultures involved and define the M&A purpose to ensure your M&A gets a success. The PMI leaders will know how to push the integration process. More details here

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