Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander globalen Mehrwert schaffen

The high performance of global teams needs professional support – that’s where you as a cosmopolitan champion come in

What prevents a high productivity of global teams?

  • Invisibility
  • Unfamiliarity
  • Lack of time (also created by time difference)
  • No coffee breaks / lunches / events
  • No alignment of priority lists (local bosses raise claims, too)

If these deficits are intensified by the shortcomings of a global leader, who e.g. is not approachable, has rarely time or no interest in personal relationships – which need much more effort than many Western business people understand – teamwork slacks in no time. The most you get is 0815, but that’s not assured.

In todays frail global situation, this is risky. Especially if former friends, today new enemies need to collaborate successfully. But a lot of professional "antidotes" and healthy counter measures exist!

Become an inspiring cosmopolitan champion in three steps



How honest are you with yourself?

What are your light and shadows, and do the foster or prevent you from being globally persuasive?

Have you ever listened to your heart?



How cosmopolitan are you?

Do you have the right knowledge and good nose to sense global conflicts before they arise?

And are you able to handle them effectively?




How can you give your global team an enormous performance boost?

How do you become a “global enabler” who brings all the potentials and possibilities to life?

In this free case study you can dive into the details of the three steps by following the global leader Susanne, who manages a complex post merger integration project.

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