Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander
Together & For One Another

How can we nurture a global high performance culture?

What prevents a high performance culture?

  • On the part of the top management: No / hardly present. No understanding of the global challenges and thereof a lack of support.
  • On the part of the global personnel / teams: Executing instead of co-creating together and for one another; lack of time, visibility, familiarity and connectedness.

What should and would we do differently ?

Let’s analyse this in the leadership circle first and acquire the concrete knowledge and competences in the High Performance Lab:


What’s our performance culture today?

What are we globally really good at?

What makes us worldwide unique?

What’s the global employees’ contribution today?

What would they want to change / improve?

What does every single market expect from us?

Visionary journey

If everything is possible …

… how could we rock our industry, electrify our societies, enrich humanity and invite our customers & suppliers to co-create?


間 MA

Let’s pause for a moment…

Which doubs and resistances

should we give space,

which topics time?

What else wants to emerge in the space of 間 MA?

Future Roadmap

Let’s Do It!

What would be proper, important and essential now?

What do we really want to realise?

What needs to be done in what form by whom?

Who caters for food and stamina?

Each High Performance Lab is unique, but a certain structure is the same:

  • A preliminary talk to get to know each other, and to check the fit.
  • The decision what takes place offline, online and face to face.
  • A questionnaire + interviews to analyse the status quo (reality check).
  • 3 days Future Lab in the Taunus to dive into the visionary journey and the space of 間 MA and to define the first steps of the “Future Roadmap“.
  • Then you are at your own. Or you decide to make me your facilitator for the transformation journey, the feedback loops and other impulses.

Let’s exchange some more information in a phone call. I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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