Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander globalen Mehrwert schaffen

Impetus for enterprises who want to establish a global high performance culture

Sparring partner for leaders who want to work with global high performers

Future lab designer who moderates meeting spaces to make your global team connect, commit and grow – online and offline

What is specifically me?

35 years’ of China & Asia knowhow plus global facilitation experience.
Pragmatism, openness for otherness, curiosity, listening skills and dialogue competence.
Diversity experience throughout my life. Client orientation.

I am an excellent active listener and structurer, and I like to get to the bottom of things. As open resource I share my experiences and global perspectives with my clients to create nourishing solutions.

A short CV

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1965, I made the openness and joie de vivre of the Cariocas a part of my life.

In 1971 my family moved to Switzerland, my homeland to start school in Wallisellen and later Zurich.

After school, I went to Lyon as aupair. In 1986 I started to study world history and sinology at the University of Zurich.

On August 8, 1988 my flight landed at Beijing Airport. For two years, I studied Chinese, history and economics at the renowned University of Wuhan. The studies changed my perspectives radically. In contrast to Switzerland, almost nothing was available then. Only when the first free markets opened in 1989, things started to move. I felt at home in China, and was frequently invited to families. The contacts in Wuhan enabled me to write my master thesis about 10 private entrepreneurs in the PRC. After that, it was clear: I will live in China. Despite Tiananmen.

That’s why I was enormously happy to fly to Shanghai in 1994 to work as an assistant to the branch manager of Credit Suisse Shanghai. At that time, we all still felt like pioneers. We had to find our way through a very Chinese system – also language wise. That was optimal for me! But I also put my foot in almost any clanger, which proved to be enormously helpful for my later career as an intercultural bridge builder.

Multi-cultural facilitator, coach and trainerin in Europe and Asia

In 1995 I met my German husband in Shanghai. In 1996 I moved to Germany (Kronberg, close to Frankfurt), where I started a new career as independent consultant. Together with my clients I grew into more and more complex projects. My most spectacular tasks were to mediate a strike and a "friendly divorce" in Shanghai, and to facilitate several post merger integrations in Asia.

The Systemic Thinking, intercultural dilemmas, the Reiss Profile, the Enneagramm, the *9 Levels of Value Systems and Existential Analysis have supported my facilitation work as well as my career as coach-consultant of global leaders.

With the Covid-Lockdown in 2020, my life changed abruptly. No more flights to China. A political change, I hadn’t expected that strongly. It was high time to re-invent myself! And I found the answers in the Taunus, at my door. This website is one of the results as well as my newest work:

"High Performance through Heart Coherence."

I am deeply grateful for all the chances I have to accompany global entrepreneurs and leaders as well as their teams in their growth, which make this planet more "together and for one another".

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