Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander globalen Mehrwert schaffen

Mission Statements are out. They fix a situation.

MISSION QUESTIONS make us curious, awake and ready to change

What could be YOUR mission questions that give yourself and/or your organisation a kick of freshness and a pioneer role?

Mine are:

How can I


a great


How can I design my activities in order to give the following 7 generations a real base for living?

Where do I shop? How much waste do I produce every day, and how can I reduce it radically?

How do I minimise Met climate footprint?

How can I

be connected

even stronger

to Earth &

all life?

Do my activities nourish, embrace, strengthen nature and other beings?

Do I care enough whether my words build trust or mistrust, deepen a relationship or destroy it?

Am I genuine or fake? Or said differently: do I walk my talk?

How can I



humanity &



Do I respect & appreciate other humans, cultures & diversity?

Do I amplify the global co-creation?

How can I encourage, invite & inspire other cultures & humans, so that we learn from each other and curiously explore new answers?

What I bring into being with my work

  • Fertile ground for cooperation, dialogue and sustainability.

  • A raise in curiosity & openness, connection & commitment, respect, tolerance & ownership.

  • Thinking in global contexts, in possibilities & potentials.

  • Vital & innovative answers to complex life and work situations.

  • Conscious global leaders who inspire with their astronaut’s perspective, cosmopolitan & responsible actions as well as an integrative approach.

  • Appreciation for diversity & co-creation.

  • Healthy humans connected to themselves & others who act responsibly for the community.

Why is this important to me?

Because our globe is burning in too many corners, despite having only this one world!

Or can you imagine to live on the Moon or on Mars?

I can’t!

I appreciate the live on this extraordinary planet as well as the global collaboration, the exchange, the variances, the diversity. I enjoy the awe in front of co-created possibilities.

Diving deep into other countries’ cultures is part of my life

Since birth I have been frequently a "foreigner", the "stranger" trying to find a way into the new culture. Born in Rio de Janeiro, I have lived in Zurich, Lyon, Wuhan, Shanghai and Frankfurt. To be visibly different makes "mistakes" easier. But if you look like the natives, you get "strange" glances if you don’t know how to behave. Doesn’t she know the rules? Is it her character?

Flexibility and curiosity helped me to overcome all the different stages in my life as a foreigner. Until today, I deeply enjoy detecting and decoding foreign cultures and finding new friends.

Each change of country allowed me to discover different aspects within myself, try out new possibilties, and develop new competencies.

This diversity competence and more then 30 years experience of facilitation make it natural for me to design MOMuments, free spaces in which life can thrive through collective experience and the curious exploration of possibilities.

  • So that your diversity potential can unfold its full market power.
  • So that the joy of discovery fires new thinking & co-creation.
  • So that integration & participation awaken commitment.
  • So that ancestor future questions encourage your organization’s creative power.

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