Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander globalen Mehrwert schaffen


Culture Due Diligence

Dear Daniela, first the Chinese resigned without notice because of the new leader, then the European CFO left himself. Only when we learned from your expertise we realised that his success in Mexiko doesn’t automatically lead to a success in China. Your “culture due diligence” during the headhunting process enabled us to early assess a China affinity and fit (or the contrary). Thanks to your sparring and his introduction with a „hot chair“ open space event in Shenzhen, his acceptance was raised markedly.
At the same time you made me understand clearly that the performance increase of the site in Shenzhen needs my presence.

Executive Automobile Supplier
High Performance Lab

Dear Mrs. Fehring, I am still surprised how personally fulfilling today’s global collaboration is! We have undertaken many things to become “one team”, but we neglected cultural differencies and saw the diversity of the markets as a barrier instead of a “value added” . Thanks to your culture analysis and the future lab we were able to motivate our global “crew” to create and implement a thriving company culture!

Executive Manufacturing Systems Engineering
A great base for global collaboration

Thanks for having accompanied my three global project teams from the beginning. Your bridge-building activites have led to an openness which helps to solve problems as soon as they arise. We are looking forward to your further support.

VP Chemical Industry
Culture Profile Indicator

Dear Ms. Fehring, based on our experience, we felt that the Culture Profile Indicator was very valuable in helping us see where we are and where we want to go. The questioning behind it and then plotting it with the thread on graph made it very clear to understand for all participants. It is an excellent tool, in that it takes a very vague topic, like culture, and makes it concrete and clear. We now know that we need to work towards more of an innovation culture and go away from our traditional and very structured culture. Best regards,

Michael Nielsen, Vice President Corporate Change Management, KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG
China Sparring

Dear Ms. Fehring, many thanks for the 2 days intensive coaching. I am sure that I can use your content and guidance when leading the Chinese. Best regards,

Klaus Hagspihl, Manager Bosch GmbH
Asia Sparring

Dear Ms. Fehring, many heartfelt thanks for the very inspiring, informative and fruitful days in Munich. You outperformed my high expectations and so I start full of power and energy to meet the daily challenges in a global environment. The trusting and open atmosphere facilitated intensive discussions and your practical case studies highlighted the theory. I feel highly invigorated. I wish you a very merry xmas with your family, and a great start into a healthy and exiting 2014. Best regards from Singapore,

Christian Kriwan, Manager Siemens AG
Personal Coaching in the Taunus Forest

Before our encounter in the Taunus, I was close to a burnout. I wasn’t able to notice any longer what happens in me and my global team. On our walk through the forest I found surprising answers. This re-powered me in an unexpected way. I can clearly gestalt the collaboration again. Thank you so much!

Business Unit Head Commercial Enterprise

Projects for

Credit Suisse
European Union Chamber of Commerce China
Hoffmann La Roche
IHK Frankfurt
McKinsey Asia House
Müller Hydraulik

Speaker for

  • Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), Frankfurt
  • China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) Shanghai
  • DialogIn Conference, Konstanz
  • European Union Chamber of Commerce Nanjing + Shenzhen
  • German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) Frankfurt
  • Industrial Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Frankfurt
  • SinoGerman Trade (SGT) Shanghai
  • SwissCham Shanghai
  • 9 Level