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Together & For One Another

Global teams are high performers – if they are lead with cosmopolitan and personal excellence

The current crises, wars and the political polarisation in general have a very critical effect on global leadership and cooperation. Persons who collaborate peacefully today might turn into enemies over night.

How can the topmanagement effectively answer this new challenge?

Be present as a close guide to your worldwide personnel. A pure fact-driven cooperation as we love it in the German and English speaking countries is risky as it doesn’t lead to connection and bonding. Every single employee who leaves your company suddenly or too early costs money – especially if you need headhunters to find a replacement.

Dear Daniela, first the Chinese resigned without notice because of the new leader, then the European CFO left himself. Only when we learned from your expertise we realised that his success in Mexiko doesn’t automatically lead to a success in China. Your “culture due diligence” during the headhunting process enabled us to early assess a China affinity and fit (or the contrary). Thanks to your sparring and his introduction with a „hot chair“ open space event in Shenzhen, his acceptance was raised markedly.
At the same time you made me understand clearly that the performance increase of the site in Shenzhen needs my presence.

Executive Automobile Supplier

Check your leadership and company culture’s global acceptance.

  • Do our employees worldwide understand our purpose, mission and vision?
  • Do they stand behind and support our global strategy? Do they represent our values?
  • How would they like to enhance and enrich the company culture?

Dear Mrs. Fehring, I am still surprised how personally fulfilling today’s global collaboration is! We have undertaken many things to become “one team”, but we neglected cultural differencies and saw the diversity of the markets as a barrier instead of a “value added” . Thanks to your culture analysis and the future lab we were able to motivate our global “crew” to create and implement a thriving company culture!

Executive Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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In the small topmanagement circle or in the open space format Together and For One Another Camp your global purpose, values, strategy, ownership, etc. will be defined.


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