Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander
Together & For One Another

Global teams are high performers – if they are lead with cosmopolitan excellence

With every crises, war and polarisation, the requirements towards global leaders and their teams rise. Former friends become enemies over night. Additionally, Covid-19 and the breakdown of supply chains have brutally shown, how dependent we are. But should we throw globalisation over board? Is it realistic? It is rather costly and it costs us competitiveness.

How can you steer your global team(s) coolly through these uncertain times? How could you even inspire them to become more high performant? That’s the topic of my work since more than 30 years.

It always starts with an analysis of your (self-) steering competencies and cosmopolitan openness,
followed by the specific and systematic upgrade of the capabilities that make you even more convincing on the global stage.

Global collaboration on the right tracks
Dear Daniela, you have opened a suprizing expansion space to me and my team and enabled us to truly meet at eye level. You have hold this space not only „in good times“, but also when tensions and conflicts filled the air – and we faced several of those! When we had difficulties bearing the tension, you have lead us to „wuwei“ and „ma“. Both are permanent elements of our team culture today. I and my team are very grateful for your inspiration.
Department Head, Automotive Supplier

Let me introduce you to the three work spaces I am best at:



Discover yourself

Develop global championship

Empower your global team

The Ubuntu Lab

for global high-performance teams

The Together Camp

raises ownership, participation

and co-creation.




Travel to your future:

If everything’s possible, how would you like to work and live in 2033?

Offsite, our thoughts truly fly and expand. I cordially invite you to the free space Taunus

1 day without frenzy, without duties, without pressure, without a row of never-ending meetings.

We walk through the Taunus almost without any plan as we leave the course to your questions, your feet and your senses. I can promise you one result: surprising answers and insights.

In the Taunus – as in your global environment – everything is connected to everything else. If a tree is cut, the interaction changes radically. An important resource of diversity, vitality and cohesion is lost.

The Taunus shows us plainly our dependencies and interdependencies.

I love to use the creative energy of a nature walk outside your comfort zone to strategically beam into your challenges and find focussed answers. But I also work at the sites of my clients – if you let me do it in unusual ways – or virtually to avoid travels around the globe. That decreases our overall CO2 foot print, conserves finances and preserves the environment.

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