Daniela Fehring

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How to become psychologically healthy? An interview with Elaine Teo.

Elaine Teo’s vision 2030 focuses on the game changers psychological hygiene, gender balance, self-responsibility and ownership. Elaine is a Singaporean "solutionist" based in London.

Being a business woman, business leader and a mother of two sons and one daughter, she experiences the challenges of the Corona lockdown on several "fronts". Therefore she makes conscious choices everyday about when to focus on her company, when on her children, when on home teaching, and when on her own self-care.

I discuss the following questions with Elaine:

  • How can we apply the frequent washing of our hands to our psychological hygiene?
  • How could real gender balance make companies grow?
  • How does self-consciousness contribute to a more fulfilling life?


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