Daniela Fehring

Miteinander Füreinander globalen Mehrwert schaffen

How can I turn my global team into a high performing team?

In essence it needs the reduction of invisibility, unfamiliarity and lack of time. The most efficient way is to organise a


  • on a discovery tour, the team members get to know each other,
  • at the training course, cosmopolitan competencies get practised,
  • in the open space, the specific challenges and mission questions get turned into concrete action steps,
  • on the evening stage, additional talents will be seen and heard.

Lunches, coffee breaks and chats at the campfire enable a casual exchange.

The targets of the Together & For One Another Camp are committed connection, team resilience and tension tolerance as well as the responsibility for the shared mission questions, targets and action steps.

The organisation of the Together & For One Another Camp requests an intensive (virtual) preparation phase to optimally use the precious time together.

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