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Together & For One Another

Embrace Your Life! Become a Creator!

When have you last embraced and celebrated your self?

For no specific reason, but because you are, because you are worth it.

The industrialisation has led to many of us losing the connection to ourselves and our inner gestalt potential. We learned to „function“ to perfection. On the surface. Mostly for others, not for ourselves.

Do you still know who you really are? And what potential lies in you?

  • What is your essence and energy?
  • What enthuses you in such a great way that you forget time?
  • What makes you alive, present, light and open?
  • When do you feel deeply free?
  • When do you have full access to your creativity?

Would you like to join a journey to find out how you can nourish your joy of life, your self-care, your self-compassion, your self-appreciation? Would you like to become encouraged to create a future of possibilities with ease?

Then join me on your individual journey through the following 4 stages:

Celebrating Life

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Life is a gift.

Let’s celebrate all your achievements, your current life as well as your soul!

Embracing Your Self

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How do you estimate yourself?

How could you nourish yourself more?

Dancing With Your Shadows

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Let’s dive deep into the “underworld”:

What shadows, what rough edges prevent you from living a life full of possibilities & creator power?

Living Life To Its Fullest

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You are good enough!

And you could become & create so much more!

Let’s discover how you can live a Life full of vitality, creativity & gestalt power.

An important note in its own right: My credo is "helping people help themselves". Embrace Your Life is an inner growth journey for healthy humans. As coach I am not entitled to support people with psychological problems.

Would you like to find out, how alive, vital and full of possibilities and power you are?

  • If you ask yourself frequently whether that was it, whether your life will stay the same until the very end…
  • If you hear an inner voice full of yearning, but you don’t understand what it want to tell you…
  • If you are ready for new challenges, but you are unsure about your direction…

Then join me on an individual 4 weeks’ journey which re-connects you with your inner power, your gifts & your possibilities.

  • We start with a 4 hour initiation in the Taunus forest.

  • Each week we dialogue for 1 hour to dive deep into your growth topics.

  • Additionally I send you 2 nourishing impulses and/or exercises a week.

Your investment into your personal growth & creator power is Euro 1.888,– + VAT. Additionally you have to bear the travel costs to the Taunus.

You want to find out whether we fit? Just give me a call under +49-171-4919242 or send me an email. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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